Fundraising Night

Looking for a way to raise money for your organization? We'd love to help and it's a great way to combine great taste and great fun - for a great cause.

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Schedule a night to host an event at your local bakery-cafe, invite your friends and family, and we'll donate a portion of sales directly back to your organization.

Any non-profit organization can register for a Fundraising Night. For example — sports teams, booster clubs, scouts, church groups, charities, etc. A 501c3 or a W9 form is required for all participating organizations.

Upon confirmation of registration, each organization will receive a customized flyer. A printed flyer or an electronic version of the flyer (phone or tablet) must be presented upon ordering.

It is encouraged that organizations promote the event and distribute flyers prior to the fundraiser. Please note, flyers may not be passed out during the event, in or around the bakery-cafe.

The number of flyers received by Panera during the fundraiser night determines the percentage donated back to the organization. Please see our donation scale below:

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